Silver Reserve


Florida Stucco Reserve Finishes have added a blend of colored glass beads to a selection of both our Pearl and Gem line of swimming pool finishes. This pre-blended finish adds the beautiful accent of colored iridescent glass beads to our already appealing selection of aggregate finishes while maintaining the strength and durability that we provide in all our swimming pool finishes.

Florida Reserve Finishes
Factory blended with the high quality which contains selected river aggregate, white portland cement, premium glass beads, and additives to enhance strength, bonding, and curing. Reserve finish will yield a hard, long-lasting, stain resistant surface that is unique and versatile in appearance.


Surface Preparation
For application over new gunite or shotcrete substrates, as well as properly prepared existing cement surfaces. All surfaces need to be free of foreign matter including dirt, grease, oil, dust, paint, fiberglass, loose material, etc. If an acid wash is used to rid the substrate of foreign matter, neutralize with a solution of soda ash and water.

If the project is a renovation, Florida Stucco’s POOL PREP is an excellent preparation material to be used in conjunction with Reserve finishes. Consult our specifications regarding POOL PREP for additional details.

Roughening the pool base cement surface provides a good basis for the mechanical bonding of the base to the Reserve finish. Previously finished surfaces can be made suitable for re-finishing by hydro-blasting or by applying acid. Existing plaster should be chipped away below the tile line for 2″ – 4″, and around return outlets, pool lights, and main drains.

Mixing Procedure
For best results use of a standard mixing machine is recommended. Use only clean potable water; WATER MUST BE CAREFULLY MEASURED FOR EACH BATCH – UTILIZATION OF A MEASURING PAIL IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. DO NOT ADD WATER DIRECTLY TO MIXING MACHINE FROM A HOSE. Approximately 1.5 – 1.75 gallons of clean potable water can be used to bring the mix to a lump-free consistency. Allow the material to mix for 10 – 12 minutes to provide best workability. Addition of other materials is not necessary; Reserve Finish is a complete product.

Apply Reserve Finish over a cement base that has been dried for a minimum of 24 hours. The pool’s walls and floor must be evenly sprayed with water before application to reduce suction. This allows adequate absorption to occur to enable Reserve Finish to dry in a natural manner. Reserve Finish should be applied to a uniform thickness of 1/2 “. Application is best accomplished by mechanics that adhere to the professional standards of the plastering industry.

Exposing Reserve Finish
Depending upon prevailing weather conditions, exposing the Reserve finish can begin shortly after trowelling. Removal of surface layer cement can be accomplished with water and a soft bristle brush. Other industry accepted methods can be used as well.

The pool should be filled with water upon the completion of the exposure phase. Refer to the National Plaster Council Start-Up Procedures after filling the pool with water.

Florida Reserve Pool Finish will yield approximately 16 square foot per 80 pound bag of material.

Florida Reserve Pool Finish is packaged in 80 lb. heavy-duty, moisture resistant bags.

Precautions to be observed
This product is portland cement based and can cause skin or eye irritation. Any skin or eye contact with this product should be immediately washed with plenty of fresh water. Wearing of a respirator is required when handling this product. Please review product MSDS for further information.

Reserve Finish is formulated with washed natural aggregate.
Color variation within aggregate deposits is inherent.
Aggregate color in Reserve finish may vary from previously obtained material or samples due to this variation.
Florida Stucco Corporation advises that maintenance of the pool’s water chemistry be monitored frequently and kept within industry guidelines to ensure beauty, longevity, and integrity of the plaster surface.


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