Pumps – VS FloPro 2.7 HP DV2A


More Power. More Possibilities. Designed to save energy and space, the FloPro 2.7 HP variable-speed pump now provides even greater performance and efficiency while noticeably reducing noise. With a 20% improvement in hydraulic performance from the previous generation*, and dual voltage capabilities as well as two auxiliary relay connections, our smallest pump accommodates large pools and spas with multiple features.


  • The improved VS FloPro 2.7 HP now generates higher head pressure and flow rates to accommodate large pool and spa designs with features such as waterfalls, jets, in-floor cleaning and solar heating systems.
  • The ability to operate with either 115v or 230v power sources provides installation flexibility and eliminates expensive main power rewiring, making the VS FloPro 2.7 HP the ideal aftermarket replacement pump.
  • Two auxiliary relays can be used to control other pool equipment, such as booster pumps and salt chlorinators, for easier installation and operation. No need for additional timeclocks!
  • Advanced motor design allows the VS FloPro 2.7 HP pump to run at energy-saving lower speeds for noticeably quieter operation.
  • At just 24½” in length, and with the zero clearance TEFC motor, it’s an ideal aftermarket solution for tight equipment pads and replacement of older single-speed pumps.

*Hydraulic Horsepower of VSFHP270DV2A model compared to VSFHP270AUT / VSFHP270JEP models as measured on system curve C at 3450 RPM.



– As the heart of your swimming pool, the pool pump is responsible for circulating water in your pool through the filtration system.
– Filtration system removes dirt and debris from the water before further sanitizing it with chemical such as chlorine, or bromine.
– Sanitized water goes back into pool and then back into the pool, so you can enjoy a cool, clean and relaxing experience.

Swimming in your pool is enjoyable. Swimming in costly energy bills is not.

Jandy inground pool pumps are designed with the latest innovations to provide you with cost-saving operation of your pool year after year.
Energy-Efficient Operation
Long-Lasting Durability
Reliable Performance
Easy Installation

The pool pump’s impeller facilitates a pull/push movement of water through the pump and out into the filtration system before sending it back to your pool.

1 – Motor speeds ranging from 600 RPM (revolutions per minute) to 3,450 RPM turns the impeller
2 – The impeller pulls water from the pool into the pump
3 – The water first passes the strainer basket for pre-filtering
4 – Water is then pushed out of the pump by the impeller and into the filtration system before it is returned to the pool

When it comes to purchasing a pool and spa pump for your swimming pool, selecting the right swimming pool pump is best left to a pool professional.
They will help you to find a pool pump that has the power and performance you can rely on.



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