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Keeping Your Dream Pool Pristine

JMC Pools isn’t just here to build and design your pool, we want to help keep it looking as beautiful as the day that it was installed. It can be easy to let debris build up in a pool with all of the demands of daily life, especially if you aren’t swimming every day. JMC Pools has a selection of cleaning and maintenance services for pools in Broward and Palm Beach counties

Pool Cleaning Services

Whether you have an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool, JMC Pools offers a variety of pool cleaning and maintenance services. From weekly cleaning and maintenance services to chemical balancing and filter cleaning, we offer a comprehensive approach to pool care.


POOL Cleaning & Maintenance

Our pool maintenance & cleaning services include:

  • Brushing Waterline Tiles
  • Pool Vacuuming
  • Skimming
  • Cleaning Strainer Baskets
  • Regular Filter Cleanings or Replacements
  • Balancing Chemicals And Salt Levels

We also sell sanitization tools for your pools, including chlorine generators and chemical controllers, which will help your pool to stay balanced between maintenance visits.

Regular Cleaning Protects Your Pool

The biggest benefit of cleaning your pool regularly is that, of course, it’s more pleasant to swim in. Nobody wants to swim in or even really look at a pool full of debris, which means that you aren’t getting the full value of your pool. Plus, if left uncleaned for too long, this debris could damage your pool and its equipment, requiring repairs. It’s better to get ahead of this with regular maintenance and cleanings.


Why Choose


Our team of experienced technicians can help you with all of your pool cleaning and maintenance needs. We use the latest technologies and methods to ensure that your pool is clean and safe for your family and friends to enjoy. We also provide weekly pool maintenance services that include cleaning, testing, and adjusting chemicals and inspecting for any potential issues.
We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Our team of professionals will work with you to provide the best possible service and the best results.




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(561) 866-5913

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