Salt chlorination is rapidly becoming a popular way of keeping swimming pools sanitized and clean. It works by using salt and electricity to create chlorine, which in turn kills bacteria and harmful microorganisms. In today’s blog post from JMC Pools in Palm Beach County, we are going to discuss the numerous benefits and reasons why pool owners are embracing this method of keeping their pools in top condition.  Read on to learn more.


Softer on Skin and Eyes

Traditional chlorine can cause dry and itchy skin, as well as stinging eyes. Salt chlorination produces a gentler form of chlorine, which reduces these symptoms for swimmers. This makes it the perfect solution for families with small children, as their sensitive skin and eyes will be less likely to be affected.

Cost Effective

Although the initial cost of installing a salt chlorination system may seem more expensive, it saves money over time as it eliminates the need for regular purchases of chlorine. The system generally pays for itself in just a few years.

Long-Lasting Sanitation

Salt chlorination produces a steady flow of chlorine, which helps to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria. This keeps the pool water clean and clear, allowing swimmers to enjoy the pool for longer periods of time without the need for constant maintenance and cleaning.

Environmentally Friendlier

Salt chlorination is an eco-friendly solution to sanitize pool water because it doesn’t use large amounts of harsh chemicals that can damage the environment. Instead, it relies on salt and a minuscule amount of electricity to produce chlorine, which is a much more sustainable option.

Learn More From JMC Pools

Salt chlorination is a great way to keep swimming pools clean, healthy and enjoyable. To learn more about salt chlorination and our salt chlorinator system, reach out to JMC Pools in Palm Beach County, Florida today.

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